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Our Company promotes development of business relations between local and foreign businessmen and offers limitless opportunities for business contacts. We are here for you if you wish to have an own client base abroad and expand your business contacts with foreign partners. Our professionals in international relations help you to achieve your business goals and objectives.

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Market Research


We will help you to get accurate and thorough information regarding market size, structure, potential, segmentation, dynamics, affecting factors, forecast, competitive environment, SWOT, etc. As a result you will have distinct concept of the market you are going to enter and will be able to make right strategic decisions.

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 * Search of goods, suppliers, manufacturers, consumers all around the world; * Ordering services and goods abroad; * Delivery of any goods, equipment and materials from any country to any point of the world; * Import and export operations; * Optimization of import and export operations; * Integration into foreign markets etc.

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“New Land Development” is your reliable partner in developing markets of the former USSR and Eastern Europe. We advise on profitable investment and business development and recommend efficient investment projects and methods to improve business profitability and competitiveness.

The Company focuses on investment and management consulting and complex business organization. The key principle of our value system is an individual approach, high professionalism and devotedness to each of our clients. We know that our financial success is tied directly to yours. When you partner with us, you deal with experienced people who not only invest capital, but can help you make that money work.

Our strong faith in what we do guarantees high quality in all spheres of business activity. Successful results of our Company are preconditioned with high level of responsibility, good planning and control over each stage of performance, constructive cooperation of our specialists with our clients. Our investment approach is to fund select startups - seed and first-round investments, and help develop the business from start to finish.

We help you to assess realistically your position in the market and your competitive advantages, to outline the market strategy in response to external and internal factors, to set correctly priorities in development, to construct management system in accordance with the strategic guidelines. High quality is the key element of our corporative strategy.


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We are for you if you need

Optimization of your sales;

Search of your potential customers;

Promotion of your goods and services in the international market;

Other services in the sphere of international trade and consulting.

Have a look beyond the horizon! Give your business a new chance!